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Nizwa workshop
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Nizwa Repair Shop

    Thomassen Services & Contracting Company LLC (TSCC) was established in 1998 in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman by Thomassen International BV, the Netherlands
    to undertake Lump sum thermal power plant construction contracts.

    In 1999 Thomassen the Netherlands discontinued to build new gas turbines under license from General Electric and from that moment on the TSCC company ownership
    was restructured and the business targets were adapted to provide after sales services and local O&M / technical support to clients mainly in Oman.

    Since June 2000 TSCC has been providing specialized maintenance services on all gas turbines (total in excess of 1500MW) installed within the PDO power stations
    in the interior of Oman.

    TSCC has qualified Muscat and interior based management, which are complemented by Specialist Engineers as well as technicians bringing together
    an extensive technical knowledge and experience in the operation and maintenance of gas turbine generator units and its related BOP equipment.

    In Nizwa Industrial Estate TSCC has extensive and state of the art workshop facilities for the repair of gas turbine hot gas path components.

    In Nizwa Industrial Estate Turbo Machinery Maintenance Services LLC (TMMS) is currently setting up extensive and state of the art workshop facilities for the repair of
    Electric Motors and generators as well as the manufacturing of switchgears.