Flame spray



    From 2009 Thomassen has been operating a workshop facility at Sohar for the repair of Hot Gas Path components for GE Frame5, Frame 6 and Frame 9
    heavy duty gas turbines.

    Building on the extensive expertise derived from Thomassen International BV, The Netherlands and Thomassen Service Gulf LLC, Abu Dhabi all staff working
    in the facility have an extensive experience in the repair of turbine nozzles, combustion liners, transition pieces and fuel nozzles.

    Since 2013 Thomassen has been working on optimization of repair procedures and technology and as a result more and more repair and design activities are
    now being done in-house.

    All procedures and working methods are supported by dedicated blasting, welding, heat treatment and coating systems to create the ideal environment to achieve
    the required quality and efficiency targets.
    Moreover in order to guarantee a proper fit of the repaired components in the gas turbine once returned to site it is necessary to check important clearances
    using jigs which simulate actual turbine internal geometry.

    The Quality Management Policy of Thomassen demands full commitment to implement work in maintenance of gas turbines and supply of spare parts to the required
    quality and full satisfaction of the customer.

    All work performed by our specialized manpower will take due regard for the employee safety, environment and compliance to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
    Thomassen strives to exceed the needs and expectations of the customer requirements by continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
    through compliance to the following quality objectives:
    • To ensure availability of adequate resources.
    • To ensure effective communication, including the availability of data, in order to attain realization of agreed requirements and customer satisfaction.
    • To improve the delivery of products and services.
    • To further the development of staff through internal and external training.
    • To provide competent personnel to meet the contractual conditions within planned time scales.
    • To ensure continuous improvement of key operational processes identified in the QMS.

    Thomassen performance is measured, monitored and analyzed in accordance with the above Quality Management Policy. Corrective and preventive actions shall
    be implemented in order to ensure the effectiveness of the system. Many HSE-awards have been achieved with PDO Oman.