Spare Parts





    Based on our long standing presence in the General Electric type gas turbine O&M market Thomassen has over the past 45 years developed an excellent
    supply chain to offer competitive solutions for capital spares and consumable parts for the GE Frame 5P, 6B, 6FA and 9E gas turbines.

    In the more recent past we have also improved our supply chain for GE LM2500 and LM6000 aero-derivative units as well as the Hitachi H25 gas turbines.
    In addition we keep a strategic inventory of refurbished Hot Gas Path components for Frame 6 and Frame 9 gas turbines in order to provide our clients with
    quick delivery solutions from stock in case of an emergency.

    Furthermore Thomassen is able to supply spares for various Generator Control- and Protection panels.
    Our Engineering Department has developed the sourcing and in-house capability to produce certain critical repair parts for our Fuel Nozzle, Actuator and
    HGP component repair facilities in Dubai and Nizwa.

    This approach allows us to offer tailored solutions to improve lifetime and reduce repair cost by adding improvements to existing components to extend the
    remaining live of components and to deal with the specific operational and/ or fuel characteristics at various sites of our clients.

    With our recently acquired Air Intake filter production facilities we aim to serve clients that have specific problems with achieving acceptable filter life.
    We tailor the filter selection/design for specific site conditions.