About Franke Filter


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    The core business of Franke Filter GmbH is the manufacturing of filter systems for gas turbines, steam turbines and compressors.
    Franke Filter designs and manufactures filter systems at its dedicated facilities at Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany.
    The designs incorporate the extensive experience of Franke Filter in this field. For each project the specific requirements are considered to provide the best solution
    for the most complex applications.
    Filter systems for Turbines Oil mist available in the lube oil system needs to be extracted. This is traditionally done by creating a vacuum.
    In cases whereby the vacuum is achieved by means of the conventional vent pipe to the top of the exhaust stack or by means of a blower unit the expensive
    lube oil is wasted. Moreover the extracted oil mist creates pollution of the environment. As a solution to the above an oil mist filtration system can be used.
    In that case it is important to ensure that the quality of the lube oil is not negatively affected by the applied system.
    High level of separation as well as low maintenance time and cost are important. All the above requirements are accomplished to the full extend by
    the Franke Filter Oil Demister Systems.